Pageant Baby?


Dear Lucy,

A few weeks ago, we had your 3 month photos taken.  I had been very much looking forward to this and was waiting with bated breath for your final images to be ready.

Finally, I received the e-mail telling me that your photos were ready!

I was overwhelmed with how photogenic you are.  Clearly you are an extraordinarily beautiful baby.  The world must know!

Immediately, I entered you in an America’s Cutest Baby contest.  Next, I began researching baby actors and models.  I decided that that would be a really big commitment so I resigned myself to Indiana baby pageants…then you woke up.  It was clear that there is no way I would pay that much money to carry you across a stage, crossing my fingers that you don’t flip your lid.

So no worries my little nugget.  I will not be pinning you down to curl your hair, exposing you to a cloud of hairspray, gluing false eyelashes to your lids, or smearing lipstick on your little lips.  At least not until you’re 2 🙂




A Formal Apology…not really


Dear Lucy,

I would like to apologize.

Turns out there was one area of motherhood that was not extensively researched and prepared for prior to your arrival.  My knowledge of appropriate baby songs and lullabies.

This afternoon as I was singing:

In every heart there is a room,
A sanctuary safe and strong.
To heal the wounds from lovers past,
Until a new one comes along.

I realized that most moms are likely not singing songs about wounds from lovers to their babies.

I will work on figuring out what “normal” baby songs are, but until then, continue to enjoy your Billy Joel, Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac lullabies.

Not Sorry.




Dear Lucy,

This is an emergency!

You have your 3 month pictures on Saturday and I think your hair is starting to fall out.  The doctor told me it would happen but I have been reassuring myself that I would be the one to have the baby with lots of beautiful dark hair that would not fall out but would only get longer and thicker.

Now I am afraid that you might have cul-de-sac hair for your pictures because it is mostly falling out on the top. 

(By falling out I mean that 2-3 hairs come out every time I pull on a section.  Probably should stop pulling now…)




Dear Lucy,

Today you laughed.  It was the first time and it was awesome.

We were at bible study and one of the little girls started biting her mom.  The mom began to scold her and was telling her not to bite when you looked right at them and you laughed.  I can only hope that this means you will have my sense of humor.


Hey Lucy, welcome to the world!


Dear Lucy,

Welcome to the world!

It is an incredible thing to be part of a life at the beginning.  To look into your tiny face and wonder what choices you will make that will shape the rest of your time here is something that I have never experienced and has been truly awe-inspiring for me.  I wonder what kinds of things you will be passionate about, what kinds of people you will choose to surround yourself with, what will make you laugh, and what will make you cry.

I am looking forward to each and every day of your life.  There will be big days.  Taking your first steps, learning to ride a bike, graduating, falling in love, falling out of love, falling in love again, getting married, and having your own babies.  There will also be little days.  Movie nights, swimming, baking cookies, learning how to do your make-up, going to the zoo, and first dates.  Through all of these days, I promise to be there to pick you up, to dry your eyes, make you laugh, and to set you back on your way.

You have not been born into a family with unlimited financial resources.  You will have a job when you’re old enough.  You will learn to save money.  You will learn to love the thrill of getting a great deal and you will be thankful for what you have.  You will say yes ma’am/sir and you will say please and thank you.  You will be kind to your little brothers/sisters and you will learn that there is nothing better than laughing with your family.

I pray that you and I can have the kind of deep and trusting relationship that I have with my mother and that I will be your safe place.

I love you